Typesetting and Editing Services

Are you a composer in need of an editor? A musician in need of a revised part?

Samuel is an experienced freelance engraver and editor of music. He has worked in a variety of genres with great success. His work is distinguished by its high quality, attention to detail and demonstration of engraving knowledge.

In order to achieve visually stellar results, Samuel has developed an optimised system of input—this allows more time to focus on the beauty of the score and less time on the input phase.

If you want your scores to exude professionalism, or simply want existing music to be digitised, visit the Contact page for a free quote.

Scores are generated in Sibelius.

Engraving style — what to expect

Each score is engraved with Samuel's signature style, adapted from an old house style of the Parisian publishing house Billaudot. This features a bold look, imitating the edges and bleed of ink from plate engraving methods.

Billaudot Engraving

Dickenson Engraving


The thickness of the beams helps gives each score its unique appearance.

Beams are meticulously positioned for aesthetic purposes, each with regard to individual context. Small gaps between beams and barlines are avoided—gaps which would have filled with ink if plate engraving was used.

Kerning and Cross-staff Beams
When cross-staff beams are employed, the result can often be unsightly. This is due to the nature of engraving programs to space noteheads evenly rather than the beams, as can be seen in older scores.

Kerning Default
Kerning Improved
Scores are prepared using a custom version of the Bravura font, developed by Daniel Spreadbury. This features bolder accidental symbols and narrower noteheads designed to imitate the look of older, plate engraved scores.

To create the most appealing layout, every page is assessed for optimum distribution of note and staff density. Page turns are always taken into consideration for orchestral parts and layout is planned accordingly. Upon request, parts can be prepared for booklet style printing.

Expressive text and dynamic lines are positioned strategically to avoid collisions and maximise readability. 

Clients include:
Camerata of St. John's
Greg Andrew (Elton John Experience)
Queensland Youth Orchestras
Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra
Various freelance composers and musicians

Repertoire edited/engraved includes:
Alkan — Complete Etudes
Strauss — Metamorphosen
Respighi — Il Tramonto
Kapustin — Selection of Preludes
Vanhal — Double Bass Concerto in E-flat
Brian — The Tinker's Wedding
Works by various Australian composers — Vine, Hindson, Lehmann, various others.